The digital application “Tour of the Parthenon Frieze” was developed by: the Acropolis Museum, the Acropolis Restoration Service and the National Documentation Centre -EKT.

The web application was created under the general supervision of Ms Cornelia Hadhziaslani, Evi Sachini and Irene Kaimara.

The texts included in the digital application “Tour of the Parthenon Frieze” were authored by Ms Cornelia Hadhziaslani, Irene Kaimara and Alkistis Choremi as follows:
The Parthenon, Architecture, Sculpture, Statue, Pediments, Metopes, Frieze, Designing & Carving, Thematic Tours, Play with the Frieze: Cornelia Hadziaslani, Irene Kaimara.
The Theme- The Panathenaia, Various Interpetations, Select Bibliography, Stone-by Stone Description of the Frieze: Alkistis Choremi.

The texts were translated into English by M. Caskey.

Thanks are due to the late Professor Charalambos Bouras, Professor Emeritus Kostis Antoniadis Mrs. Asimina Leonti and Mrs. Katerina Paraschi.

Stones’ photographs and Frieze’s photographical reconstruction have been created by Socratis Mavrommatis. ©

Digital application’s development was done by Danai Stamataki in collaboration with Kostas Tremountanis.

The project was coordinated by Evi Sachini.